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Dropbox is a file storage system on the Internet with the main purpose of saving and storage between several devices. The first thing we must do is install the Dropbox application on our computer, which has versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and some mobile systems.

Once install Dropbox, we will see that a new folder appears in our system.. During the installation we will be given the option of choosing where to install the Dropbox folder. This is the basics of Dropbox, a simple thing that saves you a lot of time and it is already safe and available to share.

Dropbox Download & Install

Why You Need To Dropbox Download In Your Computer

Dropbox is a tool that allows you to synchronize files through a virtual directory or virtual hard disk in the network. This allows us to have a hard disk or virtual folder remotely and accessible from any computer in the world. It is the same as having a USB pen drive but hosted on the Internet in such a way it allows us to have all the information we want on the network.

It’s like having one more folder in our computer, we can see it, when it is installed a directory in our computer that keeps all the information that we want and when we save it in that directory, it is saved in our space in Internet. This allows us to always have a copy of our files on the Internet, so that every time we can make changes to our documents, where they will be kept synchronized in the network.


How does Dropbox work?

To work with Dropbox , we need to have dropbox installer Which will access our virtual hard disk , linking it to a specific account that we previously created on the website . After the installation, we will automatically create a folder on our computer where we can store all the files we want to save.


This tool allows us to always have a copy of our files in the cloud flame, which allows us to always have them available from any PC with which we connect. This is the simplest thing we can do with Dropbox.By default Dropbox allows us to have a free space of 10 GB of disk space to host our files in the cloud and if we need more space it is just a matter of wanting to pay for it.

What if I do not want to move my files to the Dropbox folder?

There are documents and folders that, we do not want to move to the Dropbox folder, for various reasons. In that case we can create symbolic links to those folders. A symbolic link is like a shortcut to a folder or file but detects when the file or content in that folder is updated, we just have to create the symbolic link and put it in the Dropbox folder.

So what you are waiting for,Download Dropbox and create an account  that saves your valuable data with secure protection

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