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Dropbox Apk

Free Download Dropbox Apk For your Android Mobile phone from the direct downloading link that can be an easy solution for phone owners, because it is a virtual directory for storing and sharing all kinds of files over the internet. Dropbox mobile apps automatically back up all the photos you take with your Smartphone or tablet, and desktop apps also do a great job: they automatically send all the screenshots you take and provide a public link. it provides a public folder where all the files stored there have a link for free distribution

To set up synchronize automatic backup On Android, you need to go to the “Photos” app, and go to Menu> Settings> Backup and Sync. Then select the files you want to save in the cloud and select how you want the backup to be done

Dropbox Apk

How to use Dropbox:

After successfully installing Dropbox, we can add folders and share with your friends without having complicated way. We just need to invite email / username friends to our folder, and then the file we save in the folder will automatically exist on your friend’s computer. Provided your friends use Dropbox and Connect with the Internet.

After login to the Dropbox website, you create a folder there, then the folder will automatically exist on your computer. Select Shared folder options . Enter your friend Dropbox’s email and once your friends approve it then you are already synchronized with your friends.


Adding Dropbox Capacity For Free

Dropbox only provides a capacity of 2GB for free users (free). If you want to increase capacity, you can upgrade by paying $ 10 per 50 GB or $ 20 for 100 GB.

If you do not want to pay you but want to have more than 2 GB (free) capacity you can invite or invite friends to register this service, when your friends register and use this service you will automatically get an additional 500 MB or half GB. This applies up to 16GB.

Benefits of dropbox Apk

  1. No need pendrive.

Normally I will do my laptop work, but sometimes when I need to get out of the house, I’m going to have a netbook because it’s lighter. With dropbox, I do not need to switch work from laptop to netbook with pendrive. I just have to keep it in the Dropbox folder; all the documents I save in the Dropbox folder on the laptop will automatically be in the Dropbox folder in the notebook.

  1. File sharing is much easier.

Usually when assigning a group, one of the problems is when a group of assignment is divided into each member. With Dropbox, each member of the group only needs to enter the assignment in the Dropbox folder on their respective computers. No needs to transfer from Pen drive and worry about the virus.



  1. Documents safer.

If anything happens to your computer or laptop, files that fall within the Dropbox folder will not be affected; you can still access it from another computer and plug it into the Dropbox website.

Dropbox is a fantastic service that lets you store and manage large files on the internet. This service works either over the web or can be installed on the Desktop. Using the desktop version, you can use your Dropbox account like a regular folder on your desktop.

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