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Dropbox Desktop App

When we talk about online storage, the first service that comes to our mind is Dropbox, It is the most reliable and easy to use service of all, especially for all types of users.

What Is Dropbox Desktop App

Basically, Dropbox is a completely free cloud storage service that allows us to save and synchronize all types of documents through the Internet. This gives us unlimited flexibility, and allows us to forget the traditional methods of file sharing such as email.

It should be noted that Dropbox offers 2 Gb of space, which may seem little, but for an average user, this capacity is in most cases, more than enough. Of course we can always buy more space.

Dropbox Desktop App

Using Dropbox Desktop App

One of the most important advantages of Dropbox is that it can be used in two different ways: Through the browser or through a client.

The first method may be the most appropriate for all users, since it allows them to use Dropbox independently in operating system. All you need to do is access using your username and password.

The second method involves the download and installation of a client, through which we can manage the stored files as if it were a common folder of our computer. In this folder, we can store all the files that we want to be synchronized with the other computers in which we have installed Dropbox.

dropbox desktop app allows you to host any type of file in the cloud, synchronize files online and between computers, so you can share files and folders. It has a free version and several payment, which differentiate some options and especially the space you can have to host files. With Dropbox you can synchronize a folder on your computer between different devices such as Android, Windows Phone, IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux.


To understand how Dropbox works, you should know that it has two parts, one that are your servers in the cloud where your files are hosted and that you can access through a web browser, and another is a program that is installed on your computer and that Synchronize the files in the Dropbox folder (or the one you choose) with the servers you have in the cloud. The files that you put in this folder can be shared with whomever you want, and consult from anywhere.


Although Drobpox sells you that you can host any file on your servers, mainly your intention is that you have synchronized the files you want between your computers and even between USB memories. It also has some useful features such as can, revision history, recovery of deleted files; know the history of a file (limited to 30 days).


What services does it offer?

  • Dropbox has three types of accounts, depending on the use you need.
  • Free account “Free”. Initial space of 2 GB , can increase up to 18 GB if you invite people (guest link, thanks for signing up).
  • Account “Pro”. You have capacities from 100 GB, 200 GB or 500 GB.
  • Business account “Bussiness”. You have a capacity of 1 TB, and also includes tools for team management.

Keep in mind that for free accounts, if you have a transfer of more than 20 GB per day or 200 GB for Pro accounts, they are automatically suspended, so you will not be able to share movie and music files with your friends because you will consume that amount of bandwidth.

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