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Dropbox Desktop App Download Mac

Dropbox is an online file storage application that allows you to save files in the cloud and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. In this article you will find a information about Dropbox desktop app download mac.

The installation of Dropbox desktop app for Mac is easy and fast. Once it is installed, Dropbox adds a folder in your PC. You will be synchronized automatically. A green check mark will appear to let you know that they are synchronized and updated.

Dropbox Desktop App Download Mac

How To Configure Dropbox in mac

Once you install the dropbox desktop mac application, we must make a series of configurations in mac OS for the correct configuration of the desktop.
For this we will create a symbolic link so that the entire copy process in the Dropbox servers is reflected in Windows and vice versa.


For this we access the macOS Sierra terminal using one of the following methods:

  • Entering the terminal term in Spotlight and selecting the correct option
  • Going to the route Go / Applications / Terminal
  • Using the key combination Shift + Command + A and there select Termina


In the terminal we will enter the following line:

Dropbox cd /

With this command we access the root of Dropbox, and later we will create the symbolic link to the desktop using the following line in the terminal:

ln -s ~ / Desktop

As we can see it is easy to synchronize the desktops between two incompatible operating systems thanks to Dropbox in a functional and practical way that will facilitate the task of sharing multiple files between them or to perform certain tasks on them and receive these updates in real time and with complete integrity of the information.


Once installed, we will see the icon in the taskbar (Win) or Dock (Mac). Click and select “Preferences”

You can choose the place where the folder called “Dropbox” will be createdand a copy of the data uploaded to the server will be saved. In the “Advanced” tab, modify “Dropbox location”.

Selective synchronization: if you use your Dropbox account from several computers (or mobile phone), you can select the folders you want to synchronize in each of them. Tab “Advanced / Selective synchronization”.


Main characteristics of dropbox desktop app download mac.

  • Store up to 2 GB of contentfor free and get more space by inviting friends.
  • Subscribe to a payment plan to increase your available space in the cloud.
  • Maximum security and protection for your files stored through SSL encryption and AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Compatible with any operating system and with smart phones: upload your images directly from your mobile, for example.
  • Access the files despite not having an Internet connection.
  • Adjust the bandwidth used to avoid monopolizing it completely.
  • Undo the changes at your leisure and restore files: keep yourworking history with the application for a month

The latest version of Dropbox comes with small improvements that optimize the performance of the program that gives us access to the online storage service from the desktop. It also includes a series of new features that increase the collaborative possibilities of its different tools, facilitating work among members of the same team.

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