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Dropbox Desktop App for Mac

With the Dropbox desktop application for Mac, you can upload, download and manage your files, which are hosted in the online storage service. Dropbox is an excellent online storage application that offers compatibility with various platforms. You can have your photos, videos, music and also safe files in the indicated space.

Generally people keep in Dropbox the files they consider most important, it is always advisable to have these files online, you never know when you can lose one of these documents and you have no way to recover it, simply enter Dropbox and you will have it the hand again

Dropbox Desktop App for Mac

Why You Need Dropbox Desktop Application For Mac

This system is very excellent for online storage, after installing on your computer, it offers many services. You will have an option to log in from your Hotmail account or simply create your account. You can transfer all your files, images, music, important documents, and videos and more, the great thing is that it accepts several files so that none is left without being out.

To have Dropbox on your Mac computer, you need to  go to the official Dropbox website, where you can select your Mac operating system that has in your PC.

To configure Dropbox Desktop Application For Mac right click on the application that will be on top, then go to Preferences, on the General tab you will have the possibility to check if you want notifications to be displayed on your desktop.


Go to the Account tab as you can see your account will be connected to Dropbox and you can also delete it. You will have another section called Network and here what you can do is configure everything related to bandwidth, changing the download and upload values, as well as change the proxy servers in the option of the Proxies section.

Finally, you will find the advanced tab in which you can change the location of this Dropbox folder, adjust the selective configuration and other things as it is to modify that language already pre – selected.

Now Dropbox has announced a new “Open” button. This button will appear when the user previews a file on the web, which also exists in a Dropbox folder on your PC. Instead of opening it in the browser, it will open in the native application of the computer.

For example, if a user receives a link to a Microsoft Word document that is also on their desktop, they can see it in their browser first and then click on “Open” to edit it instantly in Word. When you want to save it, the desktop and cloud versions will be automatically updated.

The Dropbox Folder Is Your Default Folder For Documents


Sometimes, we forget to synchronize the documents that we have stored on our PC, with what we have in Dropbox. Well, now instead of manually transferring the documents to Dropbox individually, you can have the entire Documents folder synchronized to your Dropbox instead. You can do this both in the Windows and Mac operating system.

On Mac:

  1. Open Terminal by typing terminal in the call center ( CMD + Spacebar) and press Enter.
    2. Type:

[bash] cd Dropbox [/ bash]

(if you have Dropbox installed in the default location) and press Enter .
3. Copy and paste the following command:

[bash] ln -s ~ / Documents / Documents [/ bash]

and press Enter.

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