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Dropbox Desktop App For Windows

If you have already registered in Dropbox, download and install Dropbox desktop app for windows in your computer that will synchronize the contents. The configuration is very simple and will only take a few minutes.

Set up your account on your computer

After installing the dropbox desktop app for windows you have to configure your Dropbox account to synchronize the folders with the computer. To do this, select the option I already have an account in Dropbox and click next. Next, enter your email, your password and the name of the computer, and click on the Next button. Then, select your type of account and the type of installation and click Install.

Dropbox Desktop App For Windows

Adjust Preferences In Dropbox Desktop App For Windows.

If your operating system is Windows, to adjust the beam preferences click the right mouse button on the icon of the app for Dropbox , located on the toolbar, and select the Preferences . In the General tab you can indicate if you want notifications to be displayed on the desktop, if you want to enable synchronization and if you want the program to start when the system is started, as well as to configure automatic playback.


In the Account tab you can unlink the active account from the computer. In Bandwidth you have the possibility to configure download and upload speeds. In Proxies You can manually configure the proxy or leave the automatic detection. Finally, in Advanced you can change the location folder, activate selective synchronization and select the language.


Synchronize any system folder, in addition to the official one (Windows only)

When you install Dropbox in Windows, a folder called “Dropbox” is created where all the synchronized files are saved. This can be uncomfortable for those who do not want to have some documents in several locations, one local and one in the cloud. To solve this problem you can install Dropbox Folder Sync that adds an entry to the Windows context menu so that when you right click on any folder, you can select whether or not you want to synchronize with Dropbox, regardless of its location.

Improve the Dropbox experience if you use Google Chrome

As indicated before, the Dropbox web application is more than enough for many users, but if you use Chrome, you can install a couple of extensions that will come in handy.

The first is EASY Drop , an extension that allows you to open Dropbox immediately from an icon that will be placed to the right of the address bar. You can use them to download, share and delete files quickly.


The second on Opera with your Dropbox folder

To operate the files in your Dropbox folder, click on the app icon in the toolbar and select the Open Dropbox folder option .To upload a file, all you have to do is drag it or paste it into the folder. To obtain the link of an element, right click, select the Dropbox option from the context menu and then Share link.

Download to Drop box that allows you to upload files from the web to your account, simply by right clicking on them.

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