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Dropbox Desktop App Windows 10

Fortunately, the Dropbox Desktop App Windows 10 which is the desktop application has been updated and converted into a universal Windows 10 application. The most popular cloud storage platform in the world has finally reached Windows officially. Dropbox has released an application for Windows 10 with which users will keep all their folders synchronized, and able to use the same functionalities as other operating systems do.

Dropbox officially arrives in Windows 10

Dropbox has become a universal application, and now it is compatible with Windows 10, which allows any windows Microsoft user to use it. It is the official software and works well in operating system. Although there are alternatives such as Google Drive or Mega , it is possible that no other service in this category allows us to manage our documents, photos, videos and other important information in a better way than Dropbox.

Dropbox Desktop App Windows 10

What’s new in Dropbox for Windows 10

Safe start with Windows Hello :

We can log in to Dropbox with our face, fingerprint or iris, instead of the typical password.

Quick access to recent files;

Interactive notifications: it will notify us through emergent notifications or in the bar of tasks of the most important events.

Quick search.

Drag and Drop: we can drag the file we want to synchronize to the taskbar or notification icon to synchronize the file or folder with our account.

Optimized for Windows 10 :

The performance of the application has been improved, so the experience should be more stable and reduce the waiting time after opening the application.

Interactive notifications :

Accept invitations to view a file without having the application open.

Allow others to upload files to your Dropbox

You can always share a folder with anyone. Everyone can edit the content of them. However, sometimes the best thing you can do is to use applications like DropItToMe and Supply Drops that allow you to give access to. This way you will always have total control of your Dropbox.

Dropbox is so popular that it has more than 300 million users, which has made the company worth $ 10000 million in January 2014 . Possibly, what makes it work so well is its simplicity, and that it has applications for all types of platforms, both mobile and desktop. In addition to this, a few days ago they gave the excellent news that the Pro accounts will have 1 TB of space instead of 100 GB, for the same price that had already been paid.


Our experience with the universal Dropbox application

We have given ourselves the task of testing the universal application of Dropbox for Windows 10, we can say that it is a well optimized application and that certainly highlight the advantage and capabilities of Windows 10.

Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the most popular and known, in addition to being one of the best, and of those with more special features in terms of integration with other applications. They all have free options, so you may not have to pay anything extra. However, Dropbox only allows HTML upload, nothing PHP.

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