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With Download Dropbox desktop app, You can enjoy most popular file exchange and storage services. Dropbox is compatible with all the main operating systems. But its operation in the desktop and laptop version is quite different from that for mobile devices. Let’s see first how it works on traditional computers.

Access Dropbox and Dropbox folder

Once you have Download dropbox desktop app, the first thing you will be asked is to log in to Dropbox (access to Dropbox), an option offered whether you are a new user or if you are a registered user. Choose the option related to your condition. Assuming you’re a new user, a new folder will be created, the Dropbox folder. This folder has the Dropbox logo and is the key to the whole system.

  • Each document that is moved inside it is also uploaded to the Dropbox server
  • Each document loaded in this folder is accessible from any location that will share the account
  • Each document that is modified, is also modified for other positions
  • Every document that is deleted or moved from the folder is no longer available for Dropbox.

The Dropbox folder also appears in the menu bar if you have macOS, but this only if Dropbox is running. Otherwise you will not see the bar and you will have to open the Dropbox applications. From the bar you can perform various functions, which we will see below. Dropbox for Mac runs automatically every time you start your computer.

How To Move the Dropbox folder Using dropbox desktop app

  • You can move the Dropbox folder to any point on your hard disk
  • If you use a Mac you have to go in the menu and choose from Dropbox preferences -> Synchronize -> Dropbox position and then select the new point where to place the folder. For Windows, follow the same path and move.
  • You cannot manually move the Dropbox folder
  • You cannot place the dropobox folder on a disk with network file systems
  • You cannot use removable media (SD cards or USB sticks)
  • if you use a network disk, the disk must be available before starting the Dropbox desktop

Dropbox Desktop App

The main features of Dropbox on Mac or PC

The main features of Dropbox on Mac and PC are as follows

  • Store the files we want to keep safe in a place where they cannot be lost
  • Keep files up to date and work on them from anywhere
  • Share files or folders with other people without transferring files

To share a folder you must follow this procedure

  • Open the Dropbox folder.
  • Right click or ctrl + click on the folder to share.
  • Select  Share
  • Enter the email addresses of the people to invite.
  • Choose ” Can edit”from the drop-down menu. You can also choose if people can only view
  • Add a message and click on Invite.

Note that to access a shared folder and collaborate on files from Dropbox our contact person must have a Dropbox account. In this case the folder is added to our contact’s Dropbox account and the folder will occupy space on its Dropbox account.


The main functions of Dropbox Desktop App

Dropbox from browser has all the functions of the desktop version. Here are the main ones

  • It allows you to share files
  • It allows you to add shared folders and folders
  • It allows you to move files
  • allows you to download and upload files and folders
  • allows you to request files to upload to our Dropbox
  • allows editing of files with the Dropbox Paper function
  • It allows you to have a history of the versions of the file that we loaded with all the changes (limited time with the free version of Dropbox)
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