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Dropbox Download for Windows XP

How to use Dropbox on Windows XP. With Dropbox download for Windows XP, you can use a cloud-based technology, which allows you to save, synchronize and share any file on the network. In practice, it will be like having a hard disk on the net.

Dropbox Download for Windows XP


Dropbox Download For Windows xp Some Strong points of this application.

  • Ability to enter any type of file up to a maximum of 2 GB (free version)
  • If you invite someone (through the appropriate command on the site) allows you to expand the limit from 2 up to 8 gigabytes, otherwise paying up to 50 or 100 GB.
  • You can decide with whom to share certain folders or files, if with one or more people, or even only with yourself (we will see to what end)
  • Simplicity in management and uploading: the program creates a folder where you enter the files or folders you want to share. You can change, modify or delete them as if they were normal folders on your hard drive.
  • In case of sudden disconnection, there will be no problems, the program once reconnected will resume from where it was left.
  • Ability to manage everything even directly from the website, simply entering the personal account.

Dropbox allows you to do just that, with great simplicity. It will be enough for the user to register with the site, creating an account, and download the desktop application to each computer he needs to work on. At this point, its work of updating the files of interest is saved, as well as locally, even within an online storage space. This, incidentally, also makes it possible to have a back-up copy of the data available, also having the possibility to appropriately prepare tools for version control.

Sharing documents with other users you can choose two alternatives. You can create public links , which anyone can view, or you can share files with some people in particular. In the first case just insert the files in the “Public” folder, which is in our Dropbox account. To find the link, simply select the file with the right mouse button and select “Dropbox” and “Copy public link”. In the second case it will be necessary to create a new folder, insert the files inside and click on it with the right button. Then you have to choose the item “Dropbox” and “Share this folder”, to write the e-mail addresses of the people with whom to share the files.

The limitations of Dropbox

  • Only 2GBof free and secure storage to boot. It is possible to increase this space by sponsoring people around you (500 MB per sponsorship). You can reach up to 16 GB free  ! The equivalent of a big USB key, not bad?
  • Mobile version: the application exists only on iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry but not on WindowsPhone.
  • The main competitorsoffer a little more storage space base, or 5 GB in general for Google Drive, Box and iCloud … but do not compete with the ease of use of Dropbox.
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