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Dropbox Download Link

Dropbox direct download link is available on the official website of the service. Just click on Download at the top right, next to Login, and the offline installer will start the download automatically.

Dropbox allows you to easily share photos, documents and videos, simply go to the Dropbox folder and click on the file with the right button and from the drop-down menu that appears select Dropbox / Get link.

In some cases you might want to download the document directly, without waiting for the preview to load. For direct download you have two possibilities, the first is to click on the link, wait for the Web browser to start loading the file, click in the address bar, press the Option key (alt), and then Enter. The file download will start immediately.

 Dropbox Download Link

How to download files with Dropbox

you can also create links accessible to all users of the service and not. First you have to open the folder you want to share, click the right mouse button and select the Share link from the drop down menu . At this point the window of the Dropbox web version will open, in which you must select the form of sharing chosen (Facebook, mail or Twitter).


If you are already a user of the service, instead, you must click on Download to add the file to your folder without having to download it.

To create a public link and share files there is also an alternative procedure: simply click on Get link to copy the link to the file you want to share in the clipboard .


Problems: how to solve them

Dropbox does not work or do you have problems using the service? In this section of our guide you will find all the solutions to any errors that may occur , to always provide the best way to solve the problem.

  • Dropbox does not start – If the program does not start, make sure you have it installed correctly. Also check the status of your connection, so you can be sure that the problem does not come from your network. If the error persists, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the software on your device.
  • Do not sync anymore – If the service no longer syncs, make sure you have not set up a consumption-based connection on your PC, which would block the loading of new files on the servers. Also check that in the Settings  the synchronization is active and working properly.
  • Unable to establish a secure connection – If the service continues to report that it is impossible to establish a secure connection with Dropbox, first check that your connection is working properly. If the error persists, you just have to contact support.


Share a Dropbox file or folder

From  Windows  the procedure is very simple, because just enter the Dropbox folder and select the file or folder in question by right clicking and selecting  Share , preceded by the blue icon of Dropbox, and you will have the possibility to specify the email address of the people who will have the right to  read  and write  the file / folder in question.


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