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The Dropbox is a storage service in the cloud and very popular among users who offers several online resources. With dropbox downloader online the user can safely save their photos, documents, videos, and other formats.

How it works

After installing on your computer, a Dropbox folder is created. When your files are copied to the folder on any configured PC, they are sent immediately to the Dropbox servers.

To use Dropbox, you must have an account. Right at the beginning of the app install, you have the option to create your own. In this case, fill in a small form with the requested data (name and email address) and create your access password. If you already have an account, just log in with your credentials.

Dropbox Downloader Online

Because files are immediately transferred to all configured computers, after synchronization with Drop box servers, they are available even without an Internet connection. This is possible because the documents are stored on the hard disk of your PC. .

Sharing files

Shared folders allow people to work together on documents and projects. There is the possibility of sharing a folder with any number of users of the service. But it’s important to note that when sharing a folder, the size is discounted on all accounts that share it.

Sharing photos is also made easy. In new versions, when the user With this dropbox downloader online, the user does not need to send emails with the files and control several different versions of their documents. All changes are disseminated when they are saved to all partners, keeping only the most up-to-date version of the file in your folder.

However, sharing a folder is not the only way to send your application files to the contacts. If you want them to only receive your files, just send a link to access your document. Your friends can then download your data from the browser. Currently, even files that are not in the public folder connect a camera or cell phone to their PC, the application automatically sends the images and videos to their account in the “Camera Uploads” folder. In addition to sending photos, the system creates photo albums, all of which the user adds to the “Photos” folder. Each subfolder is a new album and can be shared with the “Copy the public gallery link” option.

There are different ways to use Dropbox to help you recover a stolen notebook, for example. In this case, you can install an application that takes screenshots by configuring it to save the images in your Dropbox folder. This would increase your chances of recovering what was stolen.

Another security measure you can take is to install webcams into an environment and set up so that captured images are saved to your Dropbox folder. So, you can track, from anywhere, what is happening in your home or business.

The use of file storage services in the cloud is increasingly frequent among Internet users, and Dropbox is one of the most popular services in this market. This tool’s software for both desktops and mobile devices is well suited for users to have control over their accounts on the site’s servers.

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