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Dropbox desktop app for pc is perhaps the most widely used cloud storage service in the world. It offers a good amount of space for free. The world of Cloud Computing has given us incredible tools such as dropbox, which is still one of the most used options for storing files in a virtual unit.

To store important files in one place is never a good idea, you have to make backups, but when we want to access them but we do not have our dropbox desktop app pc nearby or we are even connected in our local network to access from another PC or device, what solution exists?

Dropbox For PC

Different ways to use two Dropbox accounts at once in Windows

The easiest way to use two Dropbox accounts at once on your PC is to install the Dropbox desktop application associated with an account and log in to another account from the website. Of course, we will have to open our browser in incognito mode so we can remain connected in both accounts at once.

DropBox can be installed on Windows, Linux and MAC, also on some cell phones such as the iPhone or mobile phones with the Android operating system and Window Mobile.

To be able to create an account you must have email. In the next window it asks for the following information:


  • First name – Name
  • Last name – Surname
  • Email – Email
  • Password – Password
  • Verify password – Repeat password
  • Computer name – Name of the PC Note: To identify the PC in the DropBox web interface.


One of the less known features of dropbox desktop app pc is that it allows you to access your computer files wherever you are, as long as your PC is always on and connected to the internet. If you are one of those who have the computer always on, it is the best option.

After downloading and installing dropbox desktop app, an icon will appear in the menu bar where you can adjust the settings. To access the files on your Mac, access the website from another PC, Mac or mobile device such as a tablet or Smartphone. You will be asked to access Dropbox with your username and password, after accessing you will see a list with your folders where you can navigate to the files you are looking for.

It has always been a way to access files on your PC wherever you are. Normally it is presented in an application where you can see the desktop and manage it.

If you regularly use the Dropbox storage application to synchronize your files in the Cloud, you will have noticed that, in order to perform such synchronization, the files and folders must be contained in your folder, which leads us to make copies of files that we have in another location.

You will receive a message indicating that the operation has been successful and we will see that what was once a folder has now become a direct folder access. To stop synchronizing a folder, right click on it and select UnSync with Dropbox




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