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Dropbox is an online hard drive. It is a service which provides storage space on a server in the cloud. With dropbox mod apk you always have access to your files no matter where in the world you are. Dropbox allows users to save files directly in the cloud. This means that you can save the files from your computer to the “Dropbox” folder and then access them from any other computer, tablet or smartphone.

The “cloud” is thus a virtual place and not just a place on your PC. If you choose to save a document in Dropbox, you can see that document on all of your devices. That is, if you save a Word document on your Dropbox on your computer, you can also see the document on your iPad if the iPad is connected to Dropbox.

It is also a great tool for sharing files (text, images, spreadsheets, etc.) with others in connection with group work or online episodes. When uploading files to your Dropbox, you can choose to share these files with others. It works both in your browser with a login, but also as a folder that resembles all your other documents on your computer. By adding files to your Dropbox folder, they are automatically added online.

Dropbox Mod Apk

Dropbox basic account is free. If you need more space, you can buy it for it – and do not worry – it’s an active choice, so you do not get a bill from Dropbox, because the holiday pictures fill more than expected.

Dropbox in the classroom

  • Students can hand in written assignments in a Dropbox folder.
  • Share documents in connection with group work.
  • As a teacher, you can create a common class folder where students can share relevant photos, videos or documents with each other. As a teacher, you can edit this folder.
  • As a teacher, you can hand out texts and visual material for your students

Features of Dropbox Mod Apk

Dropbox Mod Apk has a long list of innovations and features that should be known. Let’s see:

  • Share files with friends and public users
  • Create and organize your files in folders
  • Share the contents of a folder with other Dropbox users
  • Play music saved in the cloud
  • Play videos stored in the cloud
  • Open documents stored in the cloud
  • Create a list of favorites with your most important files.
  • Dropbox gives your mobile app the ability to leave files available for offline access just favor the file when you’re accessing your account and that’s it. The next time you have no internet, that file will be available for access.
  • Dropbox has several ways to send files to the cloud. Whether through your apps for smartphones and tablets, through the service website or through your computer application, you have several options for storing your files.
  • Dropbox can store up to 100 GB (paid plan) and files up to 2 GB in size. In addition, the service allows you to install an application on your computer that synchronizes files from a folder on your machine with your Dropbox account. By doing so, your computer files become available elsewhere, and can even be accessed by your mobile phone.
  • It has also become possible to share files and folders through the desktop without any web redirection or the need to paste links into emails and add comments to specific parts of a file.
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