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The Android still does not have a native file manager, you can find Dropbox plus apk download in play store for Android Mobile Phone.You can create multiple folders and organize your files according to your needs and if necessary you can share with other Dropbox users, that is, any folder or file. But to share all folder synchronization you need to include the other person’s Dropbox account through the web version or the desktop application.

Dropbox Plus Apk Download

Dropbox plus apk is the storage services in the cloud file synchronization that is very successful. Through this application for Android, you will be able to access your files, and send photos automatically to your account. It is one of the most complete and most popular available today.

Even though it is so popular and popular worldwide, Dropbox does not offer as many features as other services featured in this list. To get a sense, it only offers 2GB of free space at the outset, and it takes several tasks to expand to 16GB of space.

Still, it is very fast, intuitive and simple to use, whether in your browser or in the Android application. It also offers automatic backup and ends up being a good way to manage your files on multiple device


Dropbox plus apk app is compatible with all versions of Android; it only has 5.40 MB in the Google Play Store and occupies about 10 MB in the memory of the Smartphone, and however these numbers may vary according to your device.

Registering and using the application

The registration is very simple to perform, the application asks for Name, Surname, E-mail and password, after that the registration will be completed and you can use all the benefits offered. Soon after opening the application you will be presented to the tutorial, where it will explain all available functions. At the top of the application three icons are displayed, the first shows the root folder, the second the all stored photos sorted by date and the last one show the favorite files.


For those who want more space, there are some paid plans that increase the capacity, the “Pro” plans offer 100 GB for $ 9.99 a month or $ 99.00 if you want 200 GB more in your account are $ $ 19.99 a month or $ 199.99 a year and lastly the plan that adds 500 GB with the monthly cost of $ 49.99 and $ 499 a year. All annual plans have a discount of 17% in relation to the amount charged monthly. There’s even an additional feature called Unlimited Change History that costs $ 39.00 a year and allows the user to access unlimited deleted files and previous versions, protecting deleted files if you want to restore them and save old versions of the files in case you want to view them later.

If you own a company and want to use Dropbox with your employees, there is a specific plan for you. Prices start at $ 795.00 and give a number of advantages that appeal to corporate users, with this plan you can have unlimited space, tools for team management and synchronization between accounts. The value of the plan increases according to the number of team members.

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