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Dropbox Pro 100gb Apk

Get Dropbox Pro 100gb Apk free Downloading link. Dropbox is a file storage service that allows us to store our files in the cloud in a simple and secure way. We will be able to access our account from anywhere in the world and from any device, as well as share files with other users.

With dropbox pro 100gb apk,You can enjoy extra space to store our files. This file hosting service offered by Dropbox includes a free version,with less storage capacity. This storage capacity can be increased for free simply by inviting friends to register for the service. The Dropbox PRO version costs 9.99 euros per month and allows, instead of having 1 TB (1000 GB) of space and some additional features such as remote cleaning and some additional controls for Sharing.

Dropbox Pro 100gb Apk

Let’s start with a brief overview of Dropbox plans, their prices and the amount of storage they offer.

  • Dropbox Basic– 2 GB, free.
  • Dropbox Pro– 1 TB, 8.25 euros / month.
  • Dropbox Business– starting from 10 euro user / month for 2TB of storage.

In short, the Basic plan of Dropbox is usually able to meet the needs of the common user, the one that needs a minimum of space to store their files in the cloud and can access them anyway. The Pro plan is intended for those who need a greater amount of space for storing their data. As you can see, there is a plan suitable for everyone.

 Dropbox is free or paid?

Dropbox adopts a commercial strategy known as fermium. You can open an account at no cost and take advantage of the first 2 GigaBytes of free storage. If you need advanced features, however, you have to pay a monthly fee.Paying a better version of Dropbox you can make the most of the options available. Here are the main features of the plans:

  • Basic plan: 2 gigabytes of space, file synchronization, mobile app and desktop, security and encryption.
  • Plan Pro: 1 TeraByte of space, offline access to files, set expiration date for files shared with links.

The Pro version costs 99 euros per year and offers an important function: the ability to delete data from a lost device. Then there is another paid combination: Dropbox Business , which in turn is divided into Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Here prices are higher, but it is a solution especially dedicated to companies and sharing large amounts of files.


Paid plans


Dropbox, in addition to the basic plan in which you have 5 GB free , also has the ability to expand your account with more sophisticated features (such as sharing settings we have seen) by making a subscription. The plans that have a cost are 3:

  • Pros: € 8.25 / monthand the main functions are: 1Tb of space, better synchronization, 256bit encryption and integration with office 365.
  • Buysness € 10 / month for each user. The main functions (more than the pro plan) are: unlimited space, detailed permissions and assistance via chat.
  • Enterprise: The cost is not available and the functions are all those made available by the company.
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