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Dropbox Pro Apk

The Dropbox Pro apk package provides 1 TB of space, is encrypted with AES 256-bit and SSL, and can also be integrated with MS Office 365, but in the file recovery pro package is only given up to 30 days. Dropbox Pro Packeges provide unlimited space with additional features such as deleted file recovery with unlimited number of days.

Dropbox is one of the Cloud storage services; you can easily send and receive shared large files and folders on the internet.

To install the desktop version of Dropbox, first download the latest version of the dropbox. Save the file to the desktop or in an easily accessible place.

Dropbox Pro Apk

To make it easy follow the following step by step to install the dropbox
1. Download Dropbox
2. After the download is complete, click on the file to run the installer application. Once open, click ‘Install’.
3. After the install is complete, a pop-up menu will appear. Enter your e-mail address and password you registered with Dropbox before. Then, click ‘Sign In’. if you have not registered in dropbox.
4. Message “Congratulations!” a message will appear, informing you that your Dropbox has been successfully installed. Click ‘Open my Dropbox Folder’ to open your dropbox folder.
5. To transfer files to your Dropbox, you can use the ‘Drag and drop’ or ‘Copy – Paste’ methods. After the transfer is complete, a check mark will appear to indicate that the file has already been synced in sync.

Benefits of dropbox pro apk

dropbox pro apk is the storage application which provides several ways to access the files. Data storage can be images, documents, music, videos, and other files. Dropbox can provide up to 2GB of storage space for free. Unlike other hosting files, the advantages of DropBox are that it can be synchronized directly on the computer we use (PC or Mac), so we can access the files we keep wherever we are even in offline conditions.

Dropbox function and advantages are:

  1. Saving and Sharing Files

If we have important files it would be better if we save the file where we can access without having to plug-flash.Through the dropbox application we can store and share files with ease, for example for files that are important such as thesis reports, we must be careful to keep the file so as not lost or exposed to the virus, the files we have saved in Dropbox also can we share to a friend – our friends with ease, or anyone who needs it we can set with whom we want to share it.

  1. Bringing Any Document Anywhere

Dropbox applications can be synchronized automatically to all our devices, so it can facilitate us when accessing files that we have saved in Dropbox anywhere on the way. Remarkably, all types of files can be stored and accessed in Dropbox, through any device we can also access the files, and even when offline we still can work using the Dropbox app.



  1. Sending Videos Quickly and Easily

You have a great video and love it if you watch it alone, use the Dropbox app to share the video to people you know even if they do not have a Dropbox account at all. Dropbox is able to upload videos with large size, and then there are features to share the results of our uploaded video directly to the intended person, such as through email, chat apps, and sms.

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