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With Dropbox Pro Mod Apk Free Downloading link you can enjoy several advantages both personally and professionally. Cloud storage is a very useful technology nowadays. DROPBOX is undoubtedly one of the leading online storage platform. To start using the service just create an account on the website and download that the program on your computer. In smart phones, Dropbox is available on major platforms, iPhone (iOS), Android and BlackBerry.

Dropbox Pro Mod Apk

Why You Must install dropbox Pro Mod Apk; 10 Features You Must Know.

Uploading files or folders

It is very simple to send files or folders to Dropbox.

Right click on the file and then select the “Send to Dropbox” option.

Or, if you prefer, drag the file directly to the software icon.

It is worth remembering that your free use supports up to 2 ㎇, so do not extrapolate this limit.

Despite this, there are ways to increase capacity without the need for payment (we’ll talk about this later).

  1. Sharing files with third parties

If you want to share a file with someone else, double-click the Dropbox icon.

In the sequence, right-click on the desired file and select “Share”.

Then, simply enter the recipient’s email and click on “Invitation”.

  1. Accessing Dropbox through mobile devices

To access Dropbox on tablets and smartphones, follow these steps:

  • go to Google Play or the App Store and search for the “Dropbox” app;
  • click install and wait for the process to complete;
  • open the app and enter your login and password.
  1. Sending Files by Mobile Device

You can also upload files through mobile devices.

To do this, with the application open, click the “+” sign.

Then select the appropriate option.

The options are as follows:

  • scan document: opens the camera to take a photo of a printed record;
  • upload photos: send photos directly to the cloud;
  • Create or send file: creates and edits other file formats.
  1. Increasing program storage capacity

Despite the 2 limite limit, there is the possibility of increasing the storage capacity of the Dropbox through gamification.

To do this, open the program and click on “Get free space!”.

This will display the options.

There are 500 ㎆ per indication to friends, with the limit of 16 ㎇.

There are other simple actions, such as linking the Facebook account and following a tutorial in the tool.

The other option requires payment, which can be made on an annual or monthly basis.

There are 2TB options, unlimited space, and custom solutions for large enterprises.

  1. Viewing Files Directly Through Dropbox

You can view photos, images and even PDF files directly from the platform.

To do this, just click twice on the desired file.

  1. Connecting to Dropbox remotely

If you are away from home, you can have access to files stored in Dropbox from any other computer.

Go to the Dropbox website and log in.

You can edit the files and save them after that.

  1. Restoring an Earlier Version of the File

You can access earlier versions of a file through Dropbox.

Open the software, right click on the file and select “View previous version”.

  1. Recovering Deleted Files

You can also restore files removed in the last 30 days in Dropbox.

To do this, go to the folder of the file to be recovered and click the trash icon.

The following is a list of deleted files.

Right click on one of the files and select the “Restore” option.

  1. Automatically sending photos to the software

You can save photos automatically in Dropbox to avoid the manual process later.

To do so, simply accept the automatic sending of the images after installing the application.

If you previously declined this option, you can re-enable it in the “Camera upload” section in your app settings.

  1. Turning on desktop notifications

Some Dropbox accounts have multiple users.

Therefore, you can enable desktop notifications.

Whenever a file is modified, deleted, or created, a balloon is displayed.

With the program open, go to the “Preferences” tab and select “View desktop notifications”.

  1. Viewing the Dropbox History

To check the application’s operation history, access the program and select the “Events” option.

In this tab will be registered all activities performed in Dropbox and their respective executors.

  1. Viewing files by mobile phone offline

You can also download files directly to your Smartphone without a wireless connection.

This is an action unknown to many, but all you have to do is bookmark a file in the mobile app.

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